Friday, September 11, 2009

"Here, and There, and Everywhere..."

    "...I want Him everywhere
and if He's beside me
I know I need never care
But to love Him is to see Him everywhere
Knowing that Love is to share

To be there and everywhere
Here, there and everywhere..."
-     Lennon/McCartney

Okay, I admit that I have taken a bit of license with the above lyrics for "Here, and There, and Everywhere," but this is how I hear it these days.  For me it is all about is always about God. 

And it really was the first song that filled my heart when I considered writing about this healing tonight.  Besides, I love, love, love this song.  Thanks guys. 

So, about the healing.  I woke up the other morning with a headache.  Right away, from my first conscious moment, I was in severe pain. It was a surprise.  It didn't fit into any headache patterns I'd experienced in the past and so I didn't seem to have a well-honed spiritual response at the my back draw upon.  My prayers didn't flow as effortlessly as I would have expected, which sent me directly into the space of deep spiritual stillness.

At first I just needed to silence the screaming of "My head hurts so much..."  So I listened for the music of Spirit to cut through that loud and insidious voice of pain.  It was vehemently insisting that I was in so much pain I could not think.  I was already certain that it was only screaming because it knew that it had neither the authority or power to stop me from thinking clearly (for more on this, see
"Screaming Has no Authority") but I still longed to feel what did actually have authority and power...spiritual law in operation.

As I sat there, open and willing to hear God's message of peace, the thought came through, "It says your head aches, but it isn't saying that your hand aches. That's proof that it isn't true, or a product of Truth, because Truth, God is always All-in-all.  It can never be localized, but is always universal.  Whatever claims to exist only here, but not there...or there, and not here, is a lie.  Spirit, God is always universal, impartial, omni-present, everywhere...and in everything."

Wow...I could see the implications of this law in operation immediately.  And it went
way beyond its application to my headache.  I spent the next four hours pondering all the ways this truth, this law, could be applied in my life and in the lives of others.  I never thought about the pain in my head again...but I sure thought about this law of God, good's All-in-allness.

I was amazed, when I actually started thinking about it,  how many ways I've been "talked" into believing that a lie was the truth.  Everytime I thought I could be happier at the beach than in the Midwest, that I could feel pain in my head while my leg was fine, whenever I've been convinced that intelligence existed more in one person than another, or that peace could be experienced in one nation, more than in another.  That my daughter could feel my love more completely when I was with her in South Africa than when we are farther apart geographically.  It went on and on.  I was fascinated at how obvious the lie was when I applied this very simple truth to discerning what was real.

I thought about Spirit and its nature.  When we feel peace, we don't just experience it in our finger, or in our house...real peace travels with us everywhere we go.  The same thing with joy, meekness, happiness, patience...they cannot be localized, but permeate every mental molecule of our existence.

Whenever something tries to tell us it exists in (or is absent from) a particular body part, a specific location, or a certain is a sure sign that it is not Spirit, it is not God, or of God...therefore it has no authority with which to defend itself,  or law to stand on.

Mary Baker Eddy states in
Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, next to the marginal heading, "No divine corporeality":

"The everlasting I AM is not bounded nor compressed within the narrow limits of physical humanity, nor can He be understood aright through mortal concepts. The precise form of God must be of small importance in comparison with the sublime question, What is infinite Mind or divine Love?"

No matter how hard pain, fear, evil, sin, disease, or death tries to be speak with can never be all, or in all.  There is always an exception.  Nobility of character thrived in the middle of Auschwitz, meekness radiated from the cross, forgiveness sings from the wreckage of betrayal and hate.

And in contrast, hatred has never been able to destroy deep spiritual peace...but feeds it with ample opportunity for growing into heart-swelling grace.  War has never been able to shake a man's love for God...but gives him a canvas on which he paints the strength of his faith. Personal wealth has never been able to take the place of a generous charity, but when it fails to bring us joy, sends us searching hungrily for opportunities to give, and in giving find in ourselves the best we can be. 

In listening for the language that any suggestion comes in...All-in-all,
or localized, personal,  partial, circumstantial...I have a filter for discovering what is real.  I have become more alert, than ever, to what actually does have the law-based authority of Truth.  And, more importantly, I have the tools for discerning what is a lie...a puffed up, arrogant, bully.  A tyrant voice that throws itself at body parts, locations, people, and situations...but is never, EVER, able to make itself really God-like...All-in-all.

I can't think of anything I rather do than, "think on these things"...

with Love,

Kate Robertson, CS


  1. Hi Kate:

    Your blog about your headache and its localization versus the all-in-all may just be the healing I have searched for. I awoke from carotoid artery surgery back in 2002 and could not swallow. I apparently had a stroke during the surgery. For three years I fed by way of a stomach tube. I now can partially swallow using water (I eat hydraulically) but because of the continued swallowing difficulty I would love to heal completely. Being a Course student and Teacher of God I am aware that my bodily defect is nothing more than a dream, but your description of the headache brought it all home to me that my particular dilemma is my egos way of keeping me focused away from God. Aside from being immersed in the course nearly 24 hours a day the only other thought I have is my throat. My throat, your headache, it is all the same. Thank you.

  2. Hal...THIS is why I write...thank you from the bottom of my being...or more accurately, brom the All-in-allness of God's being...with love, kate

  3. You are most welcome.