Wednesday, December 19, 2018

"i believe that You are with me..."

"I believe
You are the answer
to every tear I’ve cried;

I believe
that You are with me..."

When Corinne May's  "The Answer" started playing on my Pandora Christmas collection this morning, it stopped me in my tracks. Such a small musical offering moved me to tears. So, so complete.

Some years ago it was this simple statement from Genesis:

"And the Lord was with Joseph..."

that brought me complete peace. I'd been injured and was unable to get out of bed. I was afraid. And then I realized that even if I were to never take another step, the same Lord that was with Joseph in prison, and with Mary as a young pregnant mother, was with me. How could I be anything but peaceful knowing that I was with my Father-Mother God -- the Source of all good.

It was really that simple. I lay back against the pillows and just let myself be held in that knowledge of God's presence. It was enough. If I was conscious -- it was God that was present as Mind. Because I could feel  love for my daughters -- God was present as Love -- the Source of all affection.

Day after day I returned to this place of: "and the Lord was with Kate." And I let each moment reveal its purpose. When fear would scream what I couldn't do. I would ask God, "what can I do?" Somedays it was to simply sit up and reach for the phone. To pray. To be grateful. To crawl to the bathroom.

Then one day, it was to walk to my desk with the aid of crutches. Soon it was to drive my daughters to school -- grateful for a car without a clutch.

Throughout the entire experience it was "and the Lord was with Kate..." that brought peace. It was knowing that "the Lord was with Kate," that brought joy.

This wouldn't be the last time I would face the threat of immobility, but it would be the last time that I would face it feeling helpless and alone.

I can't even begin to tell you how often I return to the Truth that "the Lord is with -- each of of us" for myself, for our children, and for those who feel that they are navigating the world all by themselves. It fills my heart with a deep peace.

And isn't this the answer to all of our questions? That God -- the Source of all good -- is with us. Is with our children. With our leaders. Is with those who feel angry, frustrated, fearful, desperate -- to comfort, guard, guide, supply, sustain them.

No matter what you may be facing, the Lord is with you. This is enough of heaven within us -- to quiet all our fears.

offered with Love,


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