Friday, May 24, 2013

"If I could see..."

"If I could see
what the angel see,
I'd see that Love
will conquer hate,
there's always hope
it's not too late,
I'd find the Truth
is easy to believe..."

She's done it again. And once more, with a song from her new CD, How Mercy Looks from Here. Amy Grant's "If I Could See (What the Angels See)," was just the ticket this week.

Years ago I had a Sunday School teacher who suggested that if every time we were tempted to use the word "If..." with regard to God,  instead we used, "Since..." we would be on solid holy ground.  

For example:  "If God is good, and God is all, then all is good," can be read, "Since God is good, and God is all, then all is good."  When it comes to God, she said, there is no "if."   I've been practicing this for decades now, and it's almost like thinking in another language.

So when I heard Amy's new song, "If I Could See What Angels See," I naturally translated it and heard, "Since I can see what angels see..."

This song became a prayer of affirmation, a rock on which to stand, an overlook from which I could see things with clarity and spiritual vision.

This was a particularly helpful prayer as my heart leapt into action in praying for the children, parents, teachers, families, first responders, volunteers, and rescue workers in Moore, Oklahoma this week.

Mary Baker Eddy, in her Glossary of spiritual terms at the back of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, defines the word, "Angel" as:

"God's thoughts passing to man,
spiritual intuitions, pure and perfect,
the inspirations of
goodness, purity, and immortality..."

In assuring us that these angels, or intuitions, are spiritual she is reminding us that they, like Spirit, are everywhere. They are not confined to one faith-tradition. They are not personal, but impartial and universal. They suffuse every moment with hope, every action with kindness, every word with encouragement, every heart with faith, every thought with intuition, wisdom, and clarity of direction.

The morning after the tornado hit Moore I was feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the situation. As I stood at the kitchen window I noticed a small bird's nest that had fallen during the storm the night before. I knew right away that it was the nest a pair of small birds had been building in the crook of a tree nearby. I walked outside, gently picked it up and returned it to it's place. This morning I noticed them feathering their nest again, readying for the eggs that would soon appear.

There are no ideas in the universe of Mind that are too small, no communities that are too isolated, no homes too fragile to be precious and dear to our Father-Mother God.

We are all receptive to the angels of His Presence. These angels populate every mental molecule of the universe. Nothing is beyond their control, no one is lost to them, there is no place so devastated, no moment so terrifying that they cannot reach to comfort the frightened and give wise council to those who feel disoriented.

This has been my prayer this week: that we can all see, hear, feel, know, trust -- like angels.

offered with Love,


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  1. Kate, thanks so much for sharing your sweet thoughts. I feel that your tender compassion for the birds and their nest was a clear reflection of Omniscient, all-knowing and all-seeing Father Mother's Love. " What is the price of two sparrows-one copper coin? But not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it." Matt. 10:29 New Living Translation