Monday, May 13, 2013

"Hope has a way..."

You say to yourself,
"It's been a while
since I felt this,
but it feels like
it might be hope..."

It's no secret that Sara Groves' music is deeply inspiring to me. Her beautiful song, "It Might Be Hope" has stood vigil with me on long days when doubt pressed in from every side. Sara's unique marriage of words and music -- delivered by her pure, clear vocals -- reaches my heart in ways I can't describe. So when she recommends that her listeners take note of something -- I'm all in.

Thus was the case this morning. The first thing that popped up on my Facebook newsfeed was a posting from Sara. She shared a link to Jay and Katherine Wolf's new short film: "Hope Heals." Since hope and healing are vital to me, I stopped what I was doing and settled in for 22 minutes of beauty, devotion, heartache, love, fellowship, and grace. It was a perfect reminder of the power -- and promise -- of hope.  Hope that is grounded in faith, and founded on love.

There are so many stories I could lay at your feet here. But I think I will leave those for another day -- or the 600+ posts that already precede this one -- and let Katherine and Jay's story have its moment. I can't imagine it will leave you where it finds you.

My times spent as a spiritual healer, hospital chaplain and hospice volunteer have shown me that these "miracles" of hope are unfolding in homes, hospitals, care facilities, and rehabilitation centers every day. Like divine Love itself, it is -- as Mary Baker Eddy writes -- "impartial and universal.

Katherine and Jay have been willing to share their story -- with raw honesty and courage. I can't begin to thank them enough allowing us into this most spiritually intimate space. I am humbly grateful to them, and for the example of fellowship -- and care -- their family and faith-community modeled for us.

You know -- there are so many paths leading towards a greater understanding of God, our relationship with Him, and His love for us.  Each and every one is sacred. I pray that Jay & Katherine's testimony of faith, fellowship and courage gives fresh pinions to your hope today.

thank you Sara, for sharing it with me this morning,


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