Friday, October 26, 2012

"Never alone..."

"Well, I have to be honest,
as much as I wanted,
I'm not gonna promise
that cold winds won't blow.
So when hard times have found you,
and your fears surround you,
wrap My love around you,
you're never alone..."

I thought I had the perfect opening for this post. Springing from the song, "Never Alone," by Lady Antebellum, it spoke to the feeling of knowing the presence of God in the midst of our those times when loneliness leaves us wondering if we aren't actually just random, solitary mortals, hanging from the edge of madness.

But I was caught up short by the sweetness of spiritual matchmaking...a divine serendipity that always takes my breath away.

So, here's the story...I promise, this one really is short.

I'd heard from a dear, dear friend I'd not seen in much too long. I'd written a note to another friend I was missing terribly. I wanted sister time, girlfriend time, belly-aching laughter, old movies, deep conversations, cards over tea, chocolate, and memories time.

I'd been praying with Mary Baker Eddy's:

"Distance is no separator of hearts."

And it was helping...but not enough. I was still searching around, in the chambers of my heart, for just a glimpse of light...that soft, gentle feeling of being "not alone."

Yes, I could feel the presence of God in the stillness of prayer. I could sense peace, and serenity, and grace. But I just wanted to feel the warmth of a girlfriend out there. No, not out there, right there. Right there beside me.

I don't get this way very often. I'm usually pretty at peace with being "here." I like the quiet, the time for thinking/praying, and the space to be available whenever someone needs me. But right then, I just really wanted to feel part of a sisterhood.

That's when I went the extra step, and said so. I said, "God, I'm feeling a little bit lonely today..."

And I let it go. I went back to my desk, my phone, and my books.

Before long, the phone rang, and it wasn't someone calling professionally, it was a friend just wanting to "be in touch," right in the middle of the work day. A heavenly gift.

Then, an email popped into my inbox. It was another friend, just reaching out. A few minutes later, someone sent me a joke in a text. A really funny one. Someone else initiated an online game of Scrabble. Three Facebook message windows popped up within seconds of each other. Each one was a "just because..." sentiment of love.

Then I opened my FB message folder, and waiting there was a note from another girlfriend, with a link to this song, and her brief note:

This is for you sweet Kate."

It was the same song I was listening to as I worried an opening thought for this post. Sigh...

Thank you, God. I got the message, loud and clear. And, more importantly, I feel it.

Yes, God is always present with us. And when we turn to Him for whatever we need...with honesty and humility...even the things of the heart are provided in practical, tangible ways.

Whether we are praying for ourselves, a loved family member, or a child orphaned by global conflict, we can trust that God's love will reach each of us, right where we are.

so deeply grateful for each of you,

and thank you God,


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  1. Oh Kate that was so touching.Did you happen to see "Treeless Mountain" on the Sundance channel? It was about two very young Chinese girls basically abandoned by their mother who went to look for their father. Mom said that she would be back by the time a bright orange piggy bank would be filled. Left with big Auntie and then with grandparents the girls finally realized in their loneliness that mom was probably not coming back. But they showed so much gratitude and joy when that emptiness was filled by grandmothers love and practical training. I'm praying for abandoned children, knowing that Father/Mother will never forsake them.