Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Be born in me..."

"Be born in me,
be born in me,
make my heart Your Bethlehem,
be born in me..."

- Jackson

I am feeling a bit shy this afternoon. I haven't been posting for a long time. I'd begun to think that perhaps the silence which had descended...and that I'd known was absolutely, divinely "right" for me in early September...had become my "new normal." I'd wondered if those beautiful, long nights of lying awake -- while words, phrases, stanzas of poetry, lovely sentences wafted through my heart -- were from another chapter...a loved chapter, but one that was now over.

Then, two nights ago, they started to poke through the silence again. Like small shoots of soft green thoughts, as tender as the first crocus through the snow, they came when I least expected them. I lay there, as still as a winter night in Bethlehem, and watched them gather...stars, lambs, wise children, infant they fell upon my silent heart. And I knew.

I don't know what will emerge, but I do know that they will emerge gently, and without the urgent push of the ego's need to "make it happen."

I have learned so much from this time of deep quiet. And because it was a time "without words," there are no words to describe it.

What now falls upon the page may...or may not...include songs or lyrics. What finds its voice will have the freedom to stay silent for days, or even weeks, before singing...there is no performance. But something is emerging, something is surfacing....and I am remaining still, listening in awe for the lispings, the whisperings, the barely audible and almost silent songs of angels.

Tonight, as I consider the title to this song, I wonder...if it might be: "be born in Me..." as much as: "be born in me..." Just a question I am in. Have a wonder-filled night.

And by the way, thanks for giving me the space to rediscover this Bethlehem is a most loved, sacred place...and I remain here on my knees.

with Love,


Here is a link to Francesca Battistelli's
"Be Born in Me":

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  1. Anonymous1:00 PM

    I watch my daughters with their new cameras ... everything is a picture! We go on walks and they frame every vista in that digital square. They can't stop clicking ... everything, from the tiny to the landscape. I say nothing but I want them to put the little boxes away and just be in the world, in the fresh wind, in the smell of the sea. It struck me that as a writer, I've done that with words ... everything is framed by a phrase.

    I love the thought that you have taken this time to just be in the world. We, your loyal readers, are happy to have you here on your terms.

    so much love, Kate.