Monday, June 13, 2011

"A pocket full of sunshine..."

"I've got a pocket,
got a pocketful of sunshine
I've got a love,
and i know that it's all mine...
oh oh oh, oh

Do what you want,
but you're never gonna break me.
Sticks and stones,
are never gonna shake me..
oh oh oh oh..."

Okay, this is a post about not ignoring your children when they are insistent and annoying.  Because sometimes, insistent and annoying girls (read: my daughters) are angels, in disguise...well, not really in disguise, because I always see them as angels...'s the story in a nutshell...for an entire week, the girls showed up in the car,  my office, during a movie, while I was cooking...singing.  And they'd even use Tessie (our dog) as a dancing puppet while they sang Natasha Bedingfield's "
Pocketful of Sunshine," over, and over, and over, and over again.  To the point that I was beginning to think I would go mad...bonkers, off my rocker...if they didn't inquiry, just, "stop, please stop..."

But this morning, when I woke up to "i've got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine..." bopping away in my head, I thought..."aww, what a cute be walking around with a pocketful of sunshine..."  But, about an hour later, when I still couldn't get the darned song out of my head, I thought, "hmmm, perhaps this song is not just cute...maybe it's insisting itself upon my waking, and sleeping, thoughts for a reason..."

So, I came here, to this lovely laptop...and did a search on the lyrics, and lo, and behold...not a bad message at all.  In fact, it's a GREAT message. 

Like Olive, in this very cute
clip from the film Easy A, it took me a while to accept that this message was actually "for me." But, like Olive, love for my girls (and hers, for her grandmother) opened the door of my heart, just enough, so that the song wafted in like the sugary scent of vanilla cupcakes baking in the oven, and by the time I couldn't let it go, it had me hungry. 

I now
love, not like, this song.  I think I've listened to it about 50 times today...and that's even without the girlies singing it from every corner of my life.  I love that it urges us...when facing gossip, anger, hatred -- from others, or from within the darkness of our own go to the "better place," the kingdom of heaven, the consciousness of Love, the center and circumference of our being -- our weddedness to God...and sing a happy song about a love that is unshakable.  To sing about a love that can't be taken, or misused...the only real  love that is inviolable, the love that we express as the radiant reflection of the only and only Source of Love...God.

When we've got that kind of light glowing from within us, from within the deep pockets of our Christliness...a garment without seam or rent...darkness cannot find us.  Everywhere we go, everyone we come in contact with, is illumined by the rich, golden light of Love.

"I've got a pocket,
got a pocketful of sunshine
I've got a love that is all mine..."

Not a bad way to start the day...thanks girlies...

love you my angels...


Here are the links to the three different versions of this song, shared above:

Official Natasha Bedingfield music video

Acoustic version from radio appearance (great sound quality)

wonderful clip from the film Easy A (love, love, love this one!!)

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