Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"I pray you dance..."

"…I hope you never fear
those mountains in the distance.
Never settle for the path
of least resistance.

Living might mean taking chances...
but they're worth taking.
Lovin' might be a mistake...
but it's worth making.

Give the heavens above
more than just a passing glance…
and dance…"

I love Leann Wommack's version of "I Hope You Dance," and used it in an earlier post by the same title a few years ago, but this version of "I Hope You Dance," by Ronan Keating takes me apart...especially that last line.

Dance seems to be an inspirational theme today...friends
Heather, Traci*, and Sandy have posted dance-related inspiration...so I think I'll stay with their theme,  and walk  forward into this sea of whirling dervishes a bit and see where it takes me.

I am a dancer...ballet was my discipline, but take me to a wedding, or a country bar with a great band, and I'm just as happy as a child.  I love the feeling of having the moving air lift my hair off my shoulders, while my bare feet skip and slide through the long grass at a blue grass festival,  or worn slippers...of the palest pink leather...leap off the wooden floorboards of an old stage...I am in heaven.

My body is my partner in those moments.  We are a celebration of the marriage between mind, body, and spirit.  There is a sense of wholeness in the way music is interpreted as movement.  It is this sense of wholeness, that brings the coincidence of divinity with humanity into clear focus for me....almost like no other single experience or act.   To understand God as the divine Choreographer
is the definition of "integrity" for me.

Integrity, integration, integral...nothing separate, fragmentary, silo-ed, categorized...no hierarchy between Mind, Soul, Spirit...Love.   Mary Baker Eddy,  in
Miscellaneous Writings 1883 - 1896:

"In Science,
body is the servant of Mind,
not its master:
Mind is supreme.."

And since the body is the servant of Mind (one of the seven synonymous names for God) then, it is also the servant of Love, Principle, Truth, Life, Soul, and Spirit.

The body, dancing to the music of Love's urging, embraces a friend, carries a child out of harm's way, walks any distance to reach someone in need.

The body, swaying to the rhythms of Truth's demanding, swings its legs over the edge and rises from the bed of pain, sweeps the floor, swings a hammer during a Habitat for Humanity project.

The body, stepping to the precision of Principle's march, places a firm, but gentle hand on the shoulder of a despairing neighbor, neatly braids the child's hair, bends to lift the weary and the weak.

The body, leaping at the opportunity to serve Spirit, joyfully bounds onto the basketball court, quickly steps into the fray, effortlessly slips into the hand of the fearful offering comfort.

The body, weaving beauty at Soul's persuasion, sweeps her bow across a cello's strings, breathes a lullaby through the nursery, paints a garden in the midst of urban blight.

The body, poised in anticipation of Love's direction, sits in stillness with the widow, expectantly watches for the errant child, patiently serves, persistently waits.

This body...that so faithfully serves Mind's holy, sacred purpose...is beautiful, graceful, flexible, strong, and full of promise. 

Let it dance...

This was a helpful reminder yesterday, when everything in me said, "you can't possibly move freely"...I just kept repeating, "let it dance..."  And it did.

pray you dance...with Love,
Kate Robertson, CS

*And if you need something to remind you of how much fun dancing is, watch this "
Dancing at the Movies" video...thanks Traci for the reminder!! 

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  1. Anonymous6:46 AM

    When I first read this I thought, "I hate to dance..." I actually don't hate dancing, I love it, it is just that I can't dance. Anyway as I was running this morning I was struggling with some physical discomfort. My first thought was that I would have to stop, but then I remembered this blog and thought I could apply the same spiritual ideas you shared about dancing to my running. I thought about the body being the servant of MInd, not the body being my master and was able to finish my run more freely.
    Thank you for sharing these thought!!♥