Monday, April 17, 2006


Weeping widows

Here they are
the purples and blues
linens for
Mary and a scarf for

Don't mind our tears
we miss her so
she was one of the good ones
everyone who knew of her
came to her for what they needed
even the women with golden thread.. who
live up the hill

her garments were
her seams sure
the cut exquisite

she was a good woman
we will miss
look at this saffron robe
oh how we will miss her
she was
one of a kind
oh how we will miss her

please leave
please take your things with
you and go downstairs
I would like to be
with her
the way God knows her
pure and good
and alive to
His purpose for her

please leave
please take your weeping and wailing
however well meaning
and full of affection
you are seeing her as gone
and I,
I need to see her
as God sees her
full of purpose and
good deeds here and now

please take your
they are pulling us all backwards
away from I AM
into I was....she is not there
because He is not there....
His name is I AM
and so is hers by

It does not help me know her
as "I was" or "she was"
when I am is where
God needs her to be.

Please leave
please give me
this space of "now" with her
to see her for
who she IS
not who she was....

take your
"once upon a time"s
"remember when"
"wasn't she then"
away from here

take your
a little bit worn
and a smidgen torn and
full of holes
thinking from this room
where He is still
making all things new
each moment of
each moment of living
woven into a tapestry of
the bluest of morning skies
hot yellow sunshine
the red juice of pomeegranites
dripping down her fingers
as she feeds a toddler the
tiny jewel-like seeds

Let me speak to her
implore her mission
ask her for
a garment so
pure and white and full of
beauty that
she cannot bear to sleep through
the request to
rise and sew....

Here she is
Full of life
full of purpose
full of I AM
ready to do His will
and to laugh with you

Here she is
don't tell her that
she dozed off for a moment or

Here she is
let her sew...

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